Simple Behavior Tools

“Technological through Technology”

An odd sentence, but it’s the mission statement for Simple Behavior Tools. The field of behavior analysis is built around seven dimensions, and one of those dimensions is technological. As a dimension, technological does not mean “relating to or using technology.” It means “method that can be executed by anyone.” In short, this means that the methods of our field should be made so that anyone, regardless of experience, could do it. A strong goal, but there are concepts and processes in our field that remain complicated for those outside of the field to execute.

That’s where Simple Behavior Tool’s mission comes in. The mission is to make clean, simple, and easy to use applications that allow anyone to use the processes of our field accurately.

So, “Technological” – can be executed by anyone – “through Technology” – using phone/tablet applications.

Simple Basics is the first application developed by Simple Behavior Tools.

About Simple Behavior Tools

Meet the founder: Spencer Harrington, M.S., BCBA.
All apps are designed and created by Spencer, who uses his expertise and experience in the field to ensure that the apps are simple and easy to use without sacrificing the integrity of the methods the apps help to replicate.